- Milwaukee Post

“And as Claude, Doug Clemons takes an unassuming star turn, giving the story’s central figure an American Everyman vibe that pays off in Hair’s potent closing moments.”

-Milwaukee Magazine

"Clemons can sing with the best of them and always

delivers a performance both precise and full of wonder."

- OnMilwaukee

“A gloriously voiced Doug Clemons”

- Milwaukee Journal Sentinel

“Doug Clemons also cuts a very heroic figure as young revolutionary...”

- Express Milwaukee

“Doug Clemons always delivers with an 

exceptional performance.”

- Milwaukee Post

“...easy likability and top-rate musical theater chops.”

- Examiner

"Expressive voice, akin to what he also gives us here

as an actor.”

- Milwaukee Journal Sentinel 

“With a strong vocal and boundless charm,

Clemons only has to smile to say a thousand words.

- Theater In The Now

“Clemons makes it very organic and emotionally engrossing.

- Shepherd Express

“...impeccable control, beautifully expressive modulation, occasional operatic flourishes and dashes of humor...”

- Milwaukee Journal Sentinel

“...growing into one of the very best and magnetic musical actors in this city.”


““Doug Clemons is an entertaining pleasure.”

- Shepherd Express

“Doug Clemons provides a constant cheerful comic veneer and Buster Keaton agility...”

- Urban Milwaukee

"...sings beautifully clear as a bell and brings adorable

- Broadway World